What is Squatting? Do squatters really have rights?

Sometimes, if a person lives in your rental property for a long time, they will be able to get the legal title to your property. The bad thing is that he does not pay you a single dollar. 

You will be surprised to know that many states have some rights for squatters. Here, we will discuss in detail how to protect the property as well as different measures if someone occupies your property without a contract in place.

What is squatting?

When a person occupies an abandoned property or an empty home that they do not rent or own, it is called squatting. That person stays in your home without the owner’s permission or often without the owner’s knowledge and any legal rights.

Keep this thing in mind that possession of a person’s property without his permission is not allowed and is a criminal offence. Along with that, if there is any kind of theft or criminal damage by the squatters, then this behavior is punishable. It also comes under the general criminal law, and police can take action against it.

After getting rid of squatters, different housing association properties can repair and redecorate your house.

What is a squatter?

A person who started living in a home or occupies a house or legal property. So, in other words, a squatter lives on the home or property on which he does not have any right or lease. So, he might have adverse possession of a property through involuntary transfer.

It is always advised to the property owner to check or inspect their properties because if he does not check the property for many years, he could lose the title. Sometimes, other people can also claim the particular land and take possession and, therefore, use the land.

Why do squatters have rights?

According to different researchers, the law which is made for squatters’ rights is totally unfair. In many conditions, these types of provisions are made to balance the private property interests against the interests of the public. It also ensures that your property is there and is used for beneficial purposes.

In many conditions, squatters are not allowed to get the owner-occupied property. 

But in other conditions, many people say that they have rights with rental property or vacant property.

Sometimes, the squatter occupies a home when you are unaware, and they continue to live there. You will be surprised to know that many states and cities give the right to the squatters to live in a home with an eviction notice. 

Then, they go through that eviction process. In many countries and cities, different rights are made for the squatters to protect the occupants of a property from being removed by force without the legal process. 

Another purpose of using the property is to reduce waste by getting the rightful property owner. Then, it will take current action on the taxes, and in this way, the squatters can protectively use the property. They also have the right to give a path to legal ownership in different conditions over an extended period.

Do squatters have to pay property taxes for filing adverse position claims?

Yes, it is a requirement to pay property taxes for filing an adverse position claim, and it started in California. There, you have to pay the taxes on the property for the five years and then make a claim. 

If you do not pay the tax, then you cannot claim the particular property. Along with exclusive positions, squatters should maintain the continuous position of the property for five years. 

Another condition for this thing is to live on the property without any gaps. The reason is that if the person lives on the particular property for some time, then it can disrupt the continuity of the possession claim.

Final Thoughts 

If you understand the rights of the Squatting then you can therefore protect yourself and your property. For this thing, you should take particular steps to avoid being unlawful. If you complete all the legal requirements and take timely action, then you can save yourself from unwelcome occupants. 

If you are unaware of all these requirements, then you should get guidance and legal advice for any significant decisions related to illegal occupants. If you do not know all these requirements, then it might lead to unwanted consequences. So, we should have enough knowledge about the squatter’s rights. Then we can legally protect our property.

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