Who is Savannah Daisley?

Are you looking for a rising star in the music industry? Meet Savannah Daisley, the Canadian singer and songwriter taking the world by storm! With two studio albums and a promising acting and modeling career, Savannah is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after artists of our time. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Savannah’s childhood and early adulthood, explore her personal life, and discover what makes her such an incredible talent. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about this fantastic artist – Savannah Daisley!

Savannah Daisley was born on October 4, 1994, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Savannah Daisley was born on October 4, 1994, in the bustling city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From a young age, Savannah showed an interest and talent for music. She began singing at family gatherings and school events, quickly gaining recognition for her powerful voice.

Growing up in Toronto provided Savannah with a wealth of musical influences. The city is home to some of Canada’s most iconic musicians, such as Drake and The Weeknd. These artists inspired Savannah to pursue her passion for music even further.

At the age of 16, Savannah started writing her own songs and performing at local venues around Toronto. Her unique sound caught the attention of industry professionals who helped guide her career toward success.

Nowadays, Savannah continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Her music has been praised by critics and fans everywhere who appreciate the raw emotion she puts into every song she writes.

Overall, Savannah Daisley’s upbringing in Toronto shaped her into the talented musician she is today!

Savannah is a singer and songwriter.

Savannah is a singer and songwriter.

Savannah Daisley is a true artist in every sense of the word. Her passion for music shines through in every song she writes and performs. As a singer and songwriter, Savannah has a gift for capturing raw emotion and turning it into something beautiful.

Her two studio albums showcase her versatility as an artist, blending different genres to create a sound that is uniquely hers. From soulful ballads to upbeat pop hits, there’s something for everyone on her albums.

What sets Savannah apart from other artists is the way she pours herself into each song. Her lyrics are honest and relatable, speaking directly to the listener’s heart. You can feel the emotion behind every note she sings.

It’s no surprise that with such talent, Savannah has also made waves in the acting and modeling world. But at her core, she remains, first and foremost, a musician – one who never stops pushing herself creatively.

With so much success already under her belt at such a young age, there’s no telling how far Savannah will go in her career as both a singer-songwriter and an all-around creative force.

Savannah has released two studio albums:

Savannah Daisley is a talented singer and songwriter and has also proven herself a successful recording artist. With two studio albums under her belt, Savannah’s music has captivated audiences worldwide.

Her first album, “Breathe,” was released in 2016 and featured ten tracks showcasing her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The album received critical acclaim and established her as a rising star in the music industry.

In 2019, Savannah released her second album, “Reflections,” which showcased her musical and personal growth. The album features songs that are more reflective than those on “Breathe” while still retaining Savannah’s signature sound.

Both of Savannah’s albums have been praised for their authenticity and relatability. Through her lyrics, she touches on themes such as love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and personal growth – topics that many people can relate to in their own lives.

Savannah’s ability to connect with fans through her music sets her apart from other artists. Her honesty shines through in every song she writes or performs – making it clear why so many people continue to be drawn to her artistry.

In addition to her music career, Savannah is also an actress and model.

Aside from her successful music career, Savannah Daisley is also passionate about acting and modeling. With her natural talent and stunning looks, it’s no surprise that she has ventured into different areas of the entertainment industry.

As an actress, Savannah has starred in various television series such as “Lost Girl” and “Reign.” She showcases her acting prowess and her ability to portray diverse characters on screen. Her performances have earned praise from critics and fans, proving that she is more than just a musician.

Savannah’s modeling career is equally impressive as well. She has worked with notable brands such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Puma, to name a few. Her striking features make her stand out in every campaign or photoshoot that she does.

Despite having multiple careers under one belt, Savannah always gives each one of them equal attention and effort. She loves what she does – be it singing on stage or walking down the runway.

Savannah Daisley is a multifaceted artist who inspires others with everything she does.

Savannah has starred in television series such as

Savannah has starred in television series such as

Savannah Daisley’s talents do not end in music; she has also graced the screens with her acting skills. She has starred in several television series, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress.

One of Savannah’s notable roles was in the Canadian drama series “The Next Step,” where she portrayed a character named Abi. The show follows a group of young dancers trying to make it big in the world of dance competitions. Savannah’s portrayal of Abi demonstrated her ability to bring depth and emotion to a character.

Aside from “The Next Step,” Savannah also appeared on other TV shows such as “Designated Survivor” and “Dino Dana.” In both shows, she played guest roles that showed her flexibility in taking on different characters.

Savannah proves that she is not just a one-dimensional artist but someone who can excel in different fields within entertainment. Her acting chops add another layer to her already impressive resume, making it clear that there is no limit when it comes to what Savannah can achieve.

Childhood and Early Adulthood

Savannah Daisley had a wonderful childhood and early adulthood. She was born in Toronto, Canada, on October 4, 1994. Growing up, Savannah was interested in music from a young age and began pursuing her passion for singing at eight.

Savannah spent most of her free time writing and performing songs for family and friends as a child. Her dedication to music paid off when she won several local talent competitions throughout her teenage years.

In addition to singing, Savannah also loved acting and modeling. She participated in school plays and fashion shows, which helped develop her confidence on stage.

During her early adulthood years, Savannah decided to take her music career more seriously by recording original songs that showcased both heartbreak and joy and personal experiences that resonated with others going through similar situations.

Her hard work eventually led to releasing two studio albums, gaining critical acclaim from fans worldwide!

It was clear that Savannah’s love for creativity started at an early age but continued into adulthood, where she embraced new challenges with open arms!

Personal Life

Savannah Daisley is a multi-talented artist, and while her music career has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, she also leads an interesting personal life. Although Savannah keeps her private life low-key, it is known that she was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

Her upbringing had a significant influence on her music as well as her personality. Savannah’s passion for singing began early, and she pursued it with determination and hard work.

Apart from being a musician, Savannah loves to travel around the world. She believes traveling allows one to explore different cultures and perspectives, which can be incredibly enriching. She enjoys trying out new cuisines and meeting new people along the way.

Savannah likes to spend quality time with friends and family when not performing or traveling. Her close-knit group of loved ones means everything to her – they support each other through thick and thin.

While there may not be much public information about Savannah’s personal life available online, we do know that she values strong relationships with those closest to her just as much as pursuing success in the entertainment industry.


Savannah Daisley is a talented singer, songwriter, actress, and model who has accomplished so much at a young age. With her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics, she has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. Her dedication to her craft and unique style set her apart from other artists in the industry.

As we look forward to the future for this rising star, we can only imagine what new heights she will reach in her music career and acting endeavors. One thing is for sure – Savannah Daisley is an artist to watch out for!

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