Recharge Your Mind and Body with Yoga and Reiki at WHOLE Wellness

WHOLE Wellness Services in Rochester, NY, introduces an enriching blend of yoga and Reiki services, now offering Unlimited Use Class Memberships for just $60 per month.

Their private yoga and integrative yoga therapy sessions provide a personalized approach to deepen your yoga practice and therapy experience. Catering to both beginners and advanced students, these sessions offer one-on-one guidance and hands-on adjustments.

Key Points

  • WHOLE Wellness provides small group yoga classes for a more personal and communal experience.
  • Their Reiki sessions focus on energy balance and overall well-being enhancement.
  • The center’s integrative yoga-therapy merges physical and emotional healing techniques.
  • These sessions, led by skilled therapists and yoga instructors, aim to strengthen the mind-body link.
  • Personalized Reiki sessions are available for in-depth energy rebalancing.
  • WHOLE Wellness also arranges tailor-made yoga events for groups and special occasions.

Yoga and Reiki

For a more intimate group setting, WHOLE Wellness offers small group yoga classes limited to seven to nine participants, ensuring personalized attention. These classes are perfect for those looking to connect with others in a supportive environment.

Reiki, a powerful healing practice, is also part of their services. Conducted by experienced practitioners like Danielle Radigan, these sessions aim to balance your energy and promote well-being, offering a transformative healing experience.

Moreover, WHOLE Wellness Services’ integrative yoga-therapy combines physical and emotional practices, led by licensed therapists who are also certified yoga instructors. These sessions are designed to enhance the mind-body connection and provide tools for managing emotional concerns.

Private Reiki sessions with Danielle Radigan are available for a deeper, more personalized healing experience, focusing on energy rebalancing and renewal.

Additionally, WHOLE Wellness organizes customized private yoga events for various groups, ideal for friends, families, or special events.

In summary, WHOLE Wellness Services offers a sanctuary for holistic well-being, combining yoga, Reiki, and therapy to cater to individual wellness journeys.

About WHOLE Wellness Services

WHOLE Wellness Services is a comprehensive wellness center in Rochester, NY, focused on promoting physical, emotional, and mental health. Their offerings span therapy, counseling, yoga, Reiki, and specialized programs, ensuring a supportive environment for all clients.

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