Benefits of Working From Home

The landscape of our work environment has experienced a dramatic shift in recent times, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As more professionals lean towards working from home, the debate on its impact on productivity and efficiency has become a hot topic. 

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  • The productivity of remote work is influenced by individual circumstances.
  • Strong leadership and IT investments can make remote work as efficient as traditional setups.
  • Factors like a healthy lifestyle boost productivity, while frequent coffee breaks might hinder it.
  • Remote work is linked to improved mental health.
  • Investing in home setups enhances worker health and efficiency.
  • A dedicated home office boosts focus and work-life balance.
  • Cutting out commutes saves time and reduces stress.
  • Modern technology keeps home offices connected and efficient.
  • Garden offices combine the benefits of nature and work, defying ‘shed’ stereotypes.
  • Modern Garden Rooms lets you design your dream garden office with a 3D tool.

Many studies have attempted to examine this change. 

In this study, Indonesian telecommunication staff found their productivity was influenced not just by the mere fact of working from home, but also by personal characteristics and unique circumstances each individual faced at home. 

Meanwhile, as per another study, a North American 3rd Party Logistics company discovered that with the pillars of robust leadership, precise communication, and strategic IT investments, remote working could be just as, if not more, productive than the traditional office setting.

But what plays into this productivity? Another research undertook the task of deciphering the relationship between personal lifestyle, indoor environmental quality, and work-related attributes to one’s efficiency. 

Notably, while aspects like a healthy lifestyle, satisfactory visual and acoustic environments, keen interest in work, and flexible schedules boost productivity, the seemingly innocent acts of frequent coffee consumption and indulging in outside views might be hampering it.

This study even looks at things from the health perspective. They found that the mental health of those who work from home is better than that of those employees who are unable to do so.

There’s more, the study suggests that if apt investments are made for those working from home, including upgrading the setups, it can improve the “productivity by improving employees’ health and well-being.”

This brings us to a compelling solution that many professionals are adopting – the home office. 

Delineation of Work and Leisure 

A dedicated work zone helps establish a clear boundary between professional tasks and personal downtime, optimising focus.

Personalisation and Comfort 

The liberty to customise one’s workspace, from ergonomic chairs to personal décor, can foster a conducive work environment, enhancing productivity.

Commute? What Commute? 

The hours once lost in transit can now be channelled into productive work or much-needed relaxation.

Flexible Working Paradigm 

This model facilitates a better work-life balance, leading to increased job contentment and holistic well-being.

Technological Integration 

Modern tech allows home office setups to be just as connected and efficient as traditional office spaces.

But here’s an innovative spin to the home office concept – the garden office. 

Contrary to jokes about ‘working in the shed,’ garden offices are a great example of blending nature’s tranquillity with modern work efficiency. 

They offer all the advantages of a home office, coupled with the serenity of nature. Imagine swapping the urban hustle for a peaceful walk down your garden to reach your workspace!

For those intrigued by the idea, Modern Garden Rooms offers a unique opportunity. 

Their 3D Design Tool allows you to play architect, tailoring every facet of your garden office to resonate with your preferences. From design intricacies to budget considerations, their comprehensive platform has got it covered. The future of work is here, and it might just be at the end of your garden path.

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