8 reasons to use a localization management platform for your e-store

Translation and localization have taken over the business world. Entrepreneurs, businesses, and all types of SMEs are into a business expansion that has become relatively easier and more convenient due to the world getting digitalized and advanced more than ever. Amid the pool of businesses, the e-commerce and e-store businesses are likely to succeed more with less capital invested. E-stores are virtual marketplaces and offer great potential of marking a global presence with minimum investment. However, considering certain factors for the whole process is a must. Businesses should always analyze the pros and cons before expanding their businesses to a foreign region.

E-store translation is a challenging process and involves a lot of effort. With globalization taking over the business world global competition has made sellers and e-store and e-commerce business owners vigilant. They have to take into consideration the important aspects of translation for a better business. Localization management platforms have become the need of the hour now. It has become inevitable for sellers to streamline their translation process into multiple languages, that too simultaneously.

Here are the important reasons that elaborate the need of opting for an effective localization management platform:


The translation of the e-store comes with a lot of challenges. The translators have to struggle a lot with maintaining the efficiency of the translated content. Using a localization project management platform helps you to take care of efficacy and efficiency. An e-store cannot excel without a good translation and a quality translation is fundamental to maintaining efficiency. Therefore, hiring the management platform can be a good choice to go with efficiency.

Better productivity

Better performance and productivity is the ultimate goal of every seller and entrepreneur. Opting for the services of the management platform can allow you to increase the performance with the help of integrated features including translation memory which helps with the previously translated content reducing the turnaround time. The existing content can be reused in multiple ways.

Improved Quality

Quality is everyone’s prime concern. While translating the e-store the translators have to navigate through many challenges to maintain the quality. However, taking the services of a translation and localization management platform ensures that quality is taken care of. Poor and below-average translations not only tarnish the image of the company but also put the business in hot waters for obvious reasons. The e-store comes with precise and to-the-point content and details and it is important that translated content has the right features and integrations to ascertain the expected quality.


A management platform comes with a lot of features. Be it about e-store translation or app and game localization management, a centralized and well-integrated localization platform can help you grow as a business. There are multiple features available with a management platform where you can easily add or remove languages. The volume of translations can be handled as well as the entrepreneurs don’t have to invest in new software and hardware.

Increased security

As the world is getting more advanced and technology has intervened, easy access to the internet has made important and secret information vulnerable. The world is facing the threat of cyber thefts now. Therefore, in order to secure your e-store content and product information along with all other sensitive data your best bet is to hire a management platform. It helps you protect the security of the translations. Data protection should be the first priority of the sellers and businesses before going to translate the content. It is also significant because translations contain private and secret information including customers’ personal data payment and financial information. So it is important to ensure data protection and secure important information by using a management platform.

Ensures consistency

An e-store can be a cluttered place to visit if not arranged and appropriately displayed. Therefore, it is important to take care of the consistency. By using a management platform consistency is naturally taken care of. Using industry jargon and field terminology that has been previously used and translated gets stored on the localization management platform and the people can re-use it every time they need it. This helps bring consistency in the translation making things more streamlined and consistent.


Budget can be a serious problem when it comes to translation and localization. The processes demand hefty amounts and premium services hence the businesses have to allocate a particular budget for these tasks. However, while using the localization management platform the budget gets manageable. Hiring a management platform is a cost-effective way to translate an e-store. There are many management platforms that offer discounts in bulk translation and communicating and interacting with translators gets easy. Also managing the administrative tasks with file management and communication with translators also goes on without much hassle.

Better collaboration

Taking an effective management platform onboard also allows businesses to collaborate with their relative brands more seamlessly. The tools that have been instilled in the localization improve the coordination and interaction between the people and teammates as well as boost the sales and revenue generation for everyone involved.


Translation and localization have become paramount for businesses for smooth overseas expansion. There are centralized and well-integrated localization management platforms available for businesses especially for e-store and e-commerce businesses as these are primarily operated virtually.

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